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This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Celebrity lifestyle market data delayed 20 minutes. IHOP becomes IHOb — Who doesn’t want their breakfast served with a side of bad marketing?

IHOP’s new logo looks eerily similar to o. Is red-hot US housing market a bubble? Investor confidence was sky-high after the election of President Trump, sending the stock market soaring and making housing significantly more expensive. How a Simple Oil Can Help You Lose Weight, Live Longer, and Look Better! They Would Never Ever Think About Taking a Charter Flight!

From On-Set Romance To Real-Life Love: Hollywood’s Hottest Co-Star Couples! 20 Washed Up Celebrities Worth More Than You! When you are the world’s biggest stars you can travel the world in style and comfort that most common people can only dream about If it is for business or pleasure these stars spent a fortune buying their private yachts and jets, customizing it to their needs and desires and making sure the world knows it. A few have the flight bug and not only pilot their own jets, they also collect them. Others prefer the ocean and crystal clear waters and built a floating hotel on water that has all the latest gadgets and luxuries. Either way, we can only assume their financial advisers are not too happy about it as both Yachts and Jets are not considered a smart investment.